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Start collecting your vaccine data and be prepared to get back

... to school, work, sports, and travel 

Create a FREE Digital Covid Pass to share securely with schools, employers, and airlines


Parents & University Students

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Health Wallet

Be Prepared for school, camp and sports

This is not your parent’s health record! This one works for you. 

Find out how you can create a Covid Pass and Vaccine Passport and be ready.

EZ Forms

Go paperless for school, camp and daycare forms


Store your health information once in WellUp and share as needed. It's your data - only share what you want.  Good bye paper forms!

24/7 Access 
For Daily Use, Travel
& Emergencies

Vaccine Wallet

Collect, Track & Share Securely

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HIPAA and FERPA Compliant Platform


EZ Forms

Store Electronic Health Forms

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Schools, Daycares, and Programs for Kids

Collect health information securely and make sure kids are healthy before they arrive!

Healthy Kids

A Health Data Platform that helps you ensure the health and safety of students and staff

Whether you are a K-12 public school, small daycare or sports program for kids, our goals are the same - keep kids healthy so they can do well! 

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EZ Forms

No more paper forms or manual data entry! Give your staff an edge with electronic forms.

WellUp enables schools to free up staff, save costs and automate the collection of health data,

Collect Covid Tests, Vaccines and required health forms securely

Get Cleared

Are your members cleared before arrival?

Schools, camps, and daycares can add a Daily Prescreen...

And stay compliant with CDC guidelines.

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How Can WellUp Help Your School, Daycare or Program for Kids?

Automated Nudges and Reminders Reach More Parents


And Contact-free for Everyone's Health and Safety



Permissioned Access to PHI for Staff


Time/ Resources

Free Up Staff to Connect With Students



Accurate and up to date health data is critical in the education space. Our team will rely on WellUp to provide us critical information on our students as we return to school. Now more than ever level up your health data for your education company with WellUp.

Josh Chernikoff

Founder and CEO of Flex Academies

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